Copper and Brass Jewellery Manufacturers and Wholesalers

At Manek Ratna we manufacture copper imitation jewelry in all collections like Earrings, Necklace Sets, Pendant Sets, Bangles, Anklets, Hair Accessories, Hand Accessories, etc. Copper is one of the most maleable metal available after Gold & Silver, hence copper is one of the best fit to make jewellery in different shapes and sizes due to its maleable property and cost effectiveness.

Thus copper is one of the most prominnet metal to manufacture jewelry across the globe and especially in India after gold & silver.

Brass ranks fourth after copper in terms of maleability and so is one of the widely used metal to manufacture imitation jewelry across the globe and in India. Brass again has a peculiar charactersitic of moulding and so brass is used to manufacture products from fiber dyes so that we get exact replica of same products and also its quick and easy to get more production when you use brass as a manufacturing material for artificial and fox jewelry.

Brass and Copper Jewelry are mainly manufactured and supplied

from india to different countries like United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Germany, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Dubai, HongKong, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cyprus, France, London and manu more places.