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Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers, Wholesalers in Mumbai, India

www.manekratna.com is the largest B2B fashion jewellery website focused mainly on high quality imitation jewellery which is authentic. Manek Ratna has its network established world wide, we are imitation jewellery wholesalers and suppliers with setup in countries like United States of America - USA , United Kingdom - UK, Australia (AU), Singapore - SG, Malaysia, Srilanka, Cannada - CA, New Zealand - NZ, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Riyadh, Germany , Mauritius and many more.

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Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers, Wholesalers in Mumbai, India

Manek Ratna is mainly focused on traditional indian jewellery which are look alike to real gold/diamond jewellery. We supply imitation / artificial jewellery from Mumbai - Malad & Zaveri Bazaar to all states & cities in India, we supply to following states Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, Punjab, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram and many more. We reach out customers in Metro & 1-2 & 3 tier cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Kolkata, Nasik, Nagpur, Rajkot and many more.

Commenced in the year 2010 Manek Ratna has wide acclaimed name engaged in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling imitation jewellery, costume jewellery & fashion jewellery. A professionally managed firm, we tend to stand out in providing Kundan jewellery, CZ JewelleryTemple jewellery, Kemp Stone Jewellery, American Diamond Jewellery, Polki Jewellery, Antique Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery & Thewa Art Jewellery. The imitation jewellery offered by us is purchased by the shoppers for its high style charm. Moreover, exquisite accomplishment, up to date styles, distinctive patterns, long lasting shine, labyrinthine patterns and fine sprucing area unit the foremost placing attributes of our assortment, due to that it's been in demand by the shoppers.

Latest launches at your artificial jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers include a wide variety of new products which includes Imitation Earrings, Bangles, Jewellery Sets, Pendant SetsKum Kum Boxes (sindoor dabbi) , Full Bridal Necklace Sets | Bridal Jewellery (Dulhan Sets) , Choker Necklace Sets in Kundan and Antique Jewellery , Silver Oxidized Jewellery in Earrings & Necklace Sets with Beads, Mehendi Polish Earrings and Necklace Sets Jewellery , Imitation Matte Finish Jewellery which has complete range including accessories like Payal, Maang Tika, Nath, Bajubandh , Kamar Patta (Hip Belt)

Empowered by a sprawling infrastructure setup, we've been able to elaborately style and develop differing types of jewellery things which too at par with the prevailing market trends. These preferences vary from varied styles, patterns, cuts, color-schemes and sizes. With a read to ease the hassles concerned in financial transactions, we tend to settle for payment via varied terms and modes. Exclusive handcrafted jewellery, on-time delivery, market leading costs, wide selection of choices to settle on from and customization facility area unit the factors that have enabled us to secure the upmost stature in broad market.

South Style / South Indian Jewellery concepts are tradition based which includes  Guttapusalu / Clustered Pearl Haram Jewellery Sets , Laxmi Coin Necklace Sets , Rice Pearl Kemp Haram Long Jewellery Sets.

Artificial Earring Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Exporters in India, Mumbai for Girls / Womens

At Manek Ratna we deal into wide variety of Artificial / Imitation Earrings Online for Wedding, designs include Big Jhumkas, Jhumki Earrings, Chandbali / Chandelier Earrings, Enamel / Meenakari Earrings, Tops / Studs, Temple / Kundan Earrings and many more variety.

One of the most specialized variant is the Oxidized Silver Earrings which is rubbed with black polish. Earrings are manufactured at Manek Ratna in all ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000. 

Artificial / Imitation / Fashion Jewellery Exporters in India, Mumbai, Malad

Manek Ratna is one of the biggest, Imitation & Fashion Jewellery Exporter in India, we export Artificial Jewellery to various countries which includes United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, Cyprus, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Mauritius, China, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, Turkey, Switzerland.

Artificial Jewellery Exporters which export to these countries, has two options for shipping, Commercial & Courier Mode via Fedex / DHL / Aramex / UPS. Importer will receive the stock within a week’s time in their respective country. 

South Indian Jewellery

At Manek Ratna we Manufacture & Wholesale Supply, South Indian Artificial Jewellery across India. Jewellery taste of South India is different from rest of India. South Indians believe strongly in their traditions and hence prefer to wear Traditional South Indian Jewellery Sets.

People from South India search South Indian Jewellery Online for shopping near me and they tend to land on manekratna.com to check latest designs and catalogues.

There two most famous concepts of South Indian Jewellery which are only manufactured in Mumbai, India are Temple Jewellery & Kemp Stone Jewellery also called as Kempu Jewelry.

Imitation Temple Jewellery is very famous across India & Indian native countries. Artificial Temple Jewellery is mainly handcrafted & made with utmost perfection which resembles fine jewelry.

In southern part of India the choice of Artificial Jewellery Set is very different. South Indian Jewelry Set are majorly divided into Laxmi Necklace Sets, Kasu Mala Design, Kemp Stone Necklace Set, Rice Pearls long haram design necklace sets.

Fashion Jewellery

India' s leading Fashion Jewellery Manufacturers & Wholesalers  situated at the Economic Hub Mumbai. They keep a wide variety of Jewellery collection which is loved across the globe.

Manek Ratna Exports Fashion Jewellery to various countries keeping in mind the localized fashion in the receiving country. In todays age of Social Media Fashion is changing rapidly and #manekratna keeps the designs updated.

So don't wait, start your fashion jewellery business and start growing with them. You will get all variants, designs at best Factory prices which will include Fashion Jewellery Necklace, Fashion Jewellery Sets, Fashion Jewellery Earrings Online.

If you are looking for Fashion jewellery wholesale suppliers then you are checking catalogue of the right brand. Manek Ratna has in house fashion jewelry designers who has the ability to manufacture fashion jewelry and supply you in wholesale.

Find Out, How You Can Sell Artificial Jewellery Online in Wholesale

If you're looking to buy Wholesale Jewellery Online, then there's no better place than Manek Ratna. They are one of the Largest Artificial Jewellery Wholesalers of handmade Jewelry, with more than 10,000 active B2B buyers.

At MR you can buy Dazzling & Traditional Artificial Jewellery Online which is of superior quality when you compare it with other Indian Jewelry suppliers. Being one of the oldest brand of Artificial Jewellery in India, manekratna.com has laid the foundation of Indian Artificial Jewelry Online.

The concept of selling artificial jewellery online in India was started by them back in 2012. They wanted to break the traditional way of doing business & get innovative with selling artificial jewellery in wholesale, so they started selling Imitation Jewellery Online with a closed platform.

What makes MR as your preferred choice for Shopping Artificial Jewellery Online ??

When you shop with them you would not miss out on the latest jewelry trends for Indian Jewellery Sets. You will get to select Artificial Necklace Designs from more then 10,000 Jewellery Sets.

If you are looking at Bridal Jewellery Set for your Wedding & searching them Online then you are at the right place. At manekratna.com you will find the most unique & costume specific Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets in Wholesale. They have limited edition pieces for Bridal Jewellery Design , which will make you look unique.

In Mumbai, Manek Ratna is one of the Finest Artificial Jewellery Shops Near Me which deals into Wholesale Fashion Jewelry. They have a transparent way of working & so you will find Artificial Jewellery With Price at their Artificial Jewellery Wholesale website Online.

Location of MR office is such that it locates itself in Artificial Jewellery Wholesale Market. This place in Malad has all the cream Artificial Jewellery Brands in India. This is an ideal place if you plan to do Artificial Jewellery Online Shopping since they have a good connectivity with couriers here.

Prime collection of Artificial Necklace Sets is USP at MR , you will find wide range of jewelry sets with them which will include some astonishing intricate karigiri. They expertise in selling South Indian Jewellery Online & also if you are looking for South Indian Imitation Jewellery Online Shopping then do order with them since they have a good grip on supplying products to southern part of India.

The variation & collection of Artificial Jewellery at MR makes them a wholesale jewelry mart where you find unique jewelry depending on regions of India. This will include South Indian Jewellery, North Indian Jewellery, Rajasthani Jewellery & much more.

Thewa Jewellery - Authentic Indian Jewels

Thewa is an ancient art form that has been passed down through generations in India. It involves intricate designs on silver and gold & now in brass which are then polished into stunning pieces.

At Manek Ratna you can buy Thewa Jewellery for reselling at most affordable prices with intricate designs & fine work. The technique by which Thewa Jewellery is made is unique & a mystery which make thewa one in its kind.

1000+ Authentic Temple Jewellery Design for South India !!!

Are you looking for Antique and Traditional Jewellery for your business, for the upcoming wedding and festival season ? Do you want your business to be the first choice for customer to buy Temple Jewellery Choker ? If yes, then you are at the right place.

We offer a wide range of Authentic Temple Jewellery Design in wholesale to our B2B customers from South India. Our Jewellery is made of solid quality materials and is available in different sizes and colors. We have Jewellery for all occasions - from simple and elegant pieces to statement and festive pieces.

So, if you are looking for Authentic Temple Jewellery Design, then dont wait any more. Browse our Temple Jewellery Online Collection and find the perfect Jewellery for you.

Buy Oxidised Jewellery Online at Factory Price !!!

If you are looking to be with trends & go with the fusion look for your attire then you can buy the most vogue pieces of Oxidised Jewellery on our website. The best part is that you can trust online oxidised jewellery at MR for its quality & durability.

For womens, if they are looking to adorn jewelry with their traditional silk saree then Silver Oxidised Jewellery will complement the attire, it will make it more glamorous.

The teenage girls today do not want to get decked up with too much chunky stuff, for them Modern Oxidised Jewellery is the most trending & appropriate pick. Girls these days will wear only Oxidised Jewellery Earrings which can keep them light & stylish.

Looking for Online Indian Fashion Jewelry for your Business ?

We have been serving the customers with high quality products at affordable prices for the past 10 years. We provide a wide variety of Indian fashion jewelry online for women. You can browse through our collection and buy them online today!

We have been offering our products to companies across the globe. Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the most trendy online Indian fashion jewelry for your business.

When you are looking for affordable jewelry pieces? Your first preference should always be Online Indian Fashion Jewelry also known as custom jewelry. To make them a cost-effective manufacturer of fashion jewelry only uses base metals like brass, aluminum, copper, and semi-precious stones and gems. It is usually every modern-day preference over the original gold and silver jewelry.

Online Indian Fashion Jewelry offers miscellaneous designs, colors, and styles that are easily pairable with your western and ethnic clothing. You will be left astonished after seeing all the designs that are accessible in online Indian fashion jewelry at affordable prices.

Searching for Wholesale Jewelry Mart from India ?

Starting an artificial and fashion jewelry business can be tough. If you don't know the right place where you can find a variety of unique jewelry. Certain new startups are always tight on budget and you have to hold up in some places. However, it doesn't mean you should compromise on the quality of the product.

The Indian wholesale jewelry mart industry is quite established in different places like big cities and small towns. It's all about picking the right place for yourself where you think you can find all the stuff that you are looking for. Also, the wholesale jewelry mart is the ideal place for you to shop artificial jewelry in bulk for family functions.

Why do you need to buy Indian Jewellery from a Jewellery Manufacturers, Exporter & Stockist in India ?

Well there are many reasons to buy Indian Jewellery from India, I would get into the highlights. Firstly, the karigiri of jewelry in India is its asset. The Indian Jewellery is famous right from the 15th Century during harappan civilization. Most of the karigars of Indian Jewellery come from the Bengal Region.

The craftsmans in the north eastern state of India were god gifted to originally make fine jewelry. Over a period of time these craftsmens have now diverted to Artificial Jewellery Design & they now make fashion jewellery. These skilled artsians make a wide variety of Indian Jewellery which includes traditiona Jewellery set , Indian Necklaces , South Indian Jewellery , Artificial Necklace Sets & wide variety of Online Fashion Jewellery.

The diverse culture of India again acts as its biggest strength for jewellery manufacturers. Beacuse of the diversity karigars in India are able to make different concepts of Indian Jewelery which includes Imitation Temple Jewellery , Imitation Kundan & Polki Jewellery , Artificial CZ / AD Jewelry , Indian Jewellery Sets, Antique Artificial Jewellery etc.

This strength of Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers in India has given rise to a complete new sellers variant in India which are termed as Imitation Jewellery Wholesalers , the ones which keep Fashion Jewellery in bulk as stock. If we talk about fashionable jewelery wholesale then its market is situated in Mumbai Wholesale Market Jewellery & Artificial Jewellery Wholesale Market Delhi where you will be able to see a wide designer collection of traditional Indian Jewellery.

Further these Wholesaler Jewellers have given rise to an allied industry of artificial jewellery in online. These days you will see that the trend is to buy Imitation Jewellery Online. Teenage girls / womens are inspired buy looking at artificial jewellery design on social media sites & then tend to buy Imitation Jewelleries on popular online selling platforms like Myntra & Amazon.

Traditional & Comtemporary Indian Jewellery Trends

With the rise of technology, people have started wearing more modern designs. From traditional to contemporary, Indian jewellery has become renowned globally.

Jewellery in Indian culture traditionally, was designed by taking inspiration of God & Goddess across India from South to North. Shift in Indian Jewellery to Contemporary has evolved by taking inspiration from people / animal / things & abstract objects, which has given modern touch to jewellery of India

Why Artificial Jewellery over Fine Jewellery ?

In todays world womens & girls are looking to match jewelry with their costumes like Sarees / Dresses & Gowns. Fine Jewelry todays has touched an all time high prices in markets across the world. So the choice with this crowd is Artificial Jewellery which they can easily afford with their costumes.

Trend of wearing matching artificial jewellery has gain momentum across the globe with females being it a traditional costume of western costume. Artificial Jewellery like earrings, jewellery sets, bangles are the most worn artificial jewelry today.

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