These consists of traditional southindian jewelry design with authentic look. These are manufactured with high precision keeping in mind the ethnic look of this artificial breed of jewelry. Necklace Sets in this segments come in short and long variants. The long height variant is usually called kasu mala or lakshmi kasu mala, the short variant is usually called hasli sets or delicate small necklace sets.

South India is famous for its plethora of rich traditions of historic literature, classical tune, conventional dance, usual arts, tantalizing food and principally, majestic temples, which can be jointly regarded as the "jewel inside the crown" of South India. Temple jewelry, famous for his or her regal appear, delivered another feather inside the cap of South India's preserved cultural heritage. Temple jewellery dates again to the 9th century. These divine looking jewellery beautified the appearances of gods and goddesses in temples. Later they was once enormously general among the women. Temple jewellery is most usually patronized through many classical dancers and highlighted their specific appear. Temple jewelry has persevered to provoke the individuals for a few centuries. Temple jewelry is now in vogue and is customised to head well with the assorted style of purchasers.

Coin Necklace Sets, Temple jewelery Coin Necklace Sets, Temple & Kemp Necklace sets are some of the variants of artificial temple jewellery / imitation temple jewelry.