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thewa jewellery

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Thewa jewelry High Gold Polish...
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High Gold Polish Peacock Desig...
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Fancy Design High Gold Polish ...
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designer high gold polish fancy style party wear beautiful long thewa necklace set
Designer High Gold Polish Fanc...
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dual face dancing peacock single thewa detail
Dual Face Dancing Peacock Sing...
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elephant textured paan long thewa pendant detail
Elephant Textured Paan Long Th...
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dual peacock style round single thewa
Dual Peacock Style Round Singl...
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designer fancy style beautiful thewa design party wear long necklace set
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Thewa Jewellery Designer High ...
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Round Shape Fancy Thewa Design...
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High Gold Polish Fancy Design ...
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Thewa Jewellery Manufacturers & Wholesalers located in Mumbai, India.

Rajasthani Jewellery with fusion thewa trends is one of the most traditional concept of traditional indian jewellery. Rajasthan is famous for their traditional dance, folk songs, bright color traditional clothes, and last but not least their Thewa Jewellery. Some of India's best jewelers of Thewa Jewellery in Jaipur opened their stores and continue to share their special Thewa Art Jewellery with the world. Thewa Jewellery continues to gain popularity. People are fascinated with it because of its connection to the Mughal period. There is so much to know about this traditional jewelry but before that, you should know one important thing.

What is Thewa Jewellery ?

Thewa is a unique artistic technique to craft jewelry. It entails blending the complex chore of a layer of gold on the molten glass. The evolution of Thewa Jewellery Pratapgarh has started and Pratap Garh is based in Rajasthan state. It is said that Thewa Jewellery originated during the period when the Mughals were ruling India. 

But now in the present Thewa Jewellery Manufacturers are not only based in Rajasthan. Because of its vogue, the business is extended in other states too. Manek Ratna is also one of those manufacturers that are based in Mumbai but we are crafting Rajasthani Thewa Jewellery because of the high demand and rage between our clients. Since gold is quite expensive but our eager clients want to satisfy their hunger. So we decided to craft artificial Thewa Jewellery with Price points that are convenient for the different class families.

At Manek Ratna, you will be able to shop different types of Thewa Jewellery for example:- 

  1. Single Thewa Jewellery
  2. Double Thewa Jewellery
  3. Front Thewa Jewellery
  4. Thewa Jewellery Bangles

Thewa Jewellery Online Shopping at Manek Ratna will save you money. Want to know why? Because we are Thewa Jewellery Online Wholesalers and also we are manufacturing them at Manek Ratna in-house company. We are always trying out various useful tactics so that we can provide our clients best quality and services at minimum rates.  

Thewa Jewellery Rajasthan Necklaces are seen gracing millions of women's necks and women not only use Thewa Jewellery Set on special occasions. They are including Thewa Jewellery in their day-to-day lives. The reason behind it is simple and lightweight to wear daily. Here some of the Thewa Jewellery Designs with Price which is competitive and pocket-friendly for beloved customers. Kite Shape Style Single Thewa Pendant, Dual Peacock Matka Single Thewa Pendant, Dual Face Dancing Peacock Single Thewa, Dual Peacock Shape Single Thewa Set, Flower Style Long Single Thewa Jewellery Necklace Set. 

Every single necklace set is unique. They might look simple but simplicity is the best quality of this Jewellery. The chain of these necklaces is prepared from numerous sizes and colors of beads. Making them allergic-free helping you wear them with carefree nature and reducing your stress level. The pendant of these neckpieces plays a major part in enhancing their beauty. Kite-shaped pendant with Mughal palaces-like design in the middle goes for the peacock, flower, and elephant pendant the way manufacturers worked on the smallest details while crafting is praise-worthy and they should get credit for it for creating such a wonderful Necklace set. Which is going to compliment every traditional attire of India.

Since we are National and International Wholesalers / Exporters of Imitation Jewellery we must cover up our client's various demands.  So we decided to manufacture products like Thewa Jewellery Rajasthan bangles and rings are quite famous.  That you must look into these bangles and rings Thewa Jewellery Price is lower from other places that instead of two or three pieces you end up buying more.

Rajasthani thewa high gold finger ring, Paan Curvy Textured Thewa Finger Ring, flower textured round emboss thewa bangle set, peacock textured round style thewa bangle set. You can without any doubt can pair up these bangles and finger rings with your choice of necklace set. They are going to help you get a different look and are going to effortlessly match with each other. That's the amazing trait of Thewa Jewellery that they are so much similar yet so different from each other that it is easy to mix and match them.

After Rajasthan, a modified version of Thewa Jewellery in Ahmedabad is well known across the globe. Manek Ratna took their inspiration from both cities Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Who are bestsellers and manufacturers of Thewa Jewellery and started crafting and selling Imitation Thewa Jewellery Online. It is our way to preserve and spread the culture and traditional jewelry that our ancestors left for us and make it available for every class so they can experience the rich cultural heritage of India. We love what we do and that crafting jewelry and not only manufacturing it but also keeping the cost low while finding good quality commodities. Which are going to help us achieve our goal and that is to keep the cost low and product quality high.  

Why Thewa Jewellery is a Unique Jewelry Trend With A Passion for Quality ?

Concept of Thewa Jewellery offers a wide collection of beautiful jewellery for girls & womens. Thewa Jewellery variety include necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, and other accessories.

Significance of Thewa Jewellery

Thewa Jewellery was discovered back in the 18th century by Soni's, they used to make carving jewelery in fine gold. As years passed away gold metal got costlier & this art of making thewa jewellery started getting attention by Artificial Jewellery Manufacturers in mumbai. They believe that everyone deserves to own beautiful jewellery, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or financial status & hence they started making Imitation Thewa Jewellery.

Artificial Thewa Jewellery

Thewa Jewellery has been is media popular & is worn by many bollywood actress, its been covered in media by Times, HT, Zoom, and more. Thewa Jewellery have also been featured in television shows in India.

Transition to modern Thewa Jewellery

Today thewa jewellery is being positioned as one of the most rich & oldest form of indian jewellery being manufactured in India. Authentic & Indian is the trend globally & so is thewa jewellery so popular across globe. If you are looking to export indian jewellery then thewa jewellery should be in your priority list & you can get them at best rates at Manek Ratna.

Ancient Thewa Jewellery Art

Thewa Jewellery was born out of a passion for quality and craftsmanship. They believe that jewelry should not only be beautiful, but also affordable.