CZ Jewellery / American Diamond Jewellery

Cubic Zirconia oxide jewellery or CZ jewellery or American Diamond Jewellery (AD Jewellery) permits everyday girls to fancy luxurious jewellery while not outlay a fortune. Cubic Zirconia CZ Stone Jewellery resembles fine / real diamond jewelry which is luxurious.

CZ Jewellery Manufactures & Wholesalers

CZ Jewellery is handmade in India , Manufacturers & Wholesalers of CZ Jewellery are located in India in states like, Mumbai, Kolkata & Rajasthan. At Manek Ratna we sell AD Jewellery which we get manufactured in Mumbai & CZ Jewelry which we get manufactured in Kolkata.

CZ Jewellery Exporters

Manek Ratna is Manufacturers , Wholesalers & Exporters of CZ Stone Jewelry / American Diamond jewelry . CZ Jewellery is exported majorly to all countries which includes United States (USA) , United Kingdom (UK) , Singapore , Dubai , Malaysia, Nigeria , Srilanka , Switzerland , Germany , Canada , Australia and many more.

CZ Jewellery Online

At #ManekRatna we manufacture a wide range of CZ jewellery / AD Jewelry which includes the following collection : Cubic Zirconia - CZ Earrings , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Necklace Sets, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Finger Rings, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Bangles , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Pendant Sets , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Maang Tikka , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Bracelets / CZ Kada, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Nath , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Hipbelt,

CZ Jewellery Collections

Diamonds are indeed girls' best friends but the irony of this statement is that not everyone can afford such expensive friends. That is why the alternative to this dilemma does exist CZ Jewellery or you can even call it Ad Jewellery. For those who can't buy real Diamond Jewelry, American Diamond jewellery is their saving grace.CZ Jewellery is not made from real diamonds but still if you compare them to the real diamonds they are in their own league. Take Manek Ratna Beautiful party wear fancy designer Ad Jewellery Set which comes in various colors but if we talk about ruby and white American diamonds. I am sure you must have seen so many Bollywood or even Hollywood celebrities wearing this type of necklace set on the red carpet. Now if you are attending a black-tie event or even a wedding function. You are definitely gonna steal all the spotlight. Just pair it up with your favorite gown or saree.

CZ Jewellery Earrings

If you are not in the mood for anything fancy and just want a simple piece of jewelry for everyday wear. AD jewellery earrings rose polish fancy studs are absolutely worth a try. You can wear them at the office, at birthday parties or on a date. It is not only classy but also elegant. If you are looking for something which your daughter can wear at school or college CZ jewellery earrings full white stones high gold polish studs should be your first choice.

AD Bangles

Manek Ratna handcrafted intricate designed AD Bangles are something you must try out; these are not just ordinary bangles but they are moreover similar to the bracelets. So these bangles not only go with your western outfits but also traditional ethnic outfits. Here are some of the bangles a lady must have in her jewelry collection. Curve design CZ bangles, Flower style checks Ad bangles,  square shape cornered Ad bangles, Curve designed Ad bangles, Thin shape style Ad bangles. To check out more bangles you can continue browsing Manik Ratna Ad Jewellery online website to pick out the best one for yourself.

CZ Jewellery Bridal Set

Our CZ Jewellery Manufacturer during the process of crafting the jewelry is very careful. Even if we are talking about the small details and finishing of the American diamonds and polishing process of the metal leaving no space for the error. Especially when they are crafting and designing the CZ Jewellery Bridal Set. A modern-day bride desires something new and unique. So meanwhile keeping these details in mind Manek Ratna Ad jewellery manufacturers came up with bridal sets like oval shape designer with rose polish necklace set. The small white diamonds surrounding the pink oval shape diamond are breathtaking and finely crafted by us.

Cz Jewellery Sets 

Cz jewellery sets online shopping makes everything easier for a bride where a shopkeeper won't show you everything in their shop. Over here we make the shopping experience transparent for our customers. So they can choose the right bridal sets for them. When you set up a budget for yourself and shop accordingly. Manek Ratna makes everything simpler for their customers. Cz jewellery sets with price that are lower and affordable than any local shopkeeper in your area. Giving you a whole new level of satisfaction that you have saved a lot of money. CZ matte finish jewellery has that kind of shine you won't be able to find anywhere in this world.

Mangalsutra is an important part of wedding rituals and it is something a groom must get.  Chand shape mangalsutra and two tones polish full stone designer Mangalsutra which also comes with earrings. Manek Ratna Cz Jewellery chandelier earrings collection is worth checking out.

If you are a woman thinking about opening a shop to sell stuff like artificial CZ Jewellery. Having Manek Ratna at your services will make everything easier for you. Because we make CZ Jewellery Online Shopping Wholesale a whole new experience for our clients. Selling CZ Jewellery only at competitive rates where jewellery quality is not jeopardized. Maintaining the quality and price barrier in this costly world is proving to be harder but we at Manek Ratna make this happen just for you.

Ad Jewellery Wholesalers in Mumbai

We are the only Ad Jewellery Wholesalers in Mumbai (which is one of the expensive cities in India) who are trying their best to work day and night to make shopping easier for you. Even if you are ordering our CZ Jewellery online from countries like the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, and many other countries. Our wholesale exporters will help you out to make this entire shipping process smoother for you from wrapping up everything and shipping them to you. You can look into our other CZ Jewellery specialties too. Like for example, Nath, Kada, haath paan, pendants, Maang Tikka there are so many varieties that you can continue to explore.