CZ Jewellery / American Diamond Jewellery

Cubic Zirconia oxide jewellery or CZ jewellery or American Diamond Jewellery (AD Jewellery) permits everyday girls to fancy luxurious jewellery while not outlay a fortune. Cubic Zirconia CZ Stone Jewellery resembles fine / real diamond jewelry which is luxurious.

CZ Jewellery Manufactures & Wholesalers

CZ Jewellery is handmade in India , Manufacturers & Wholesalers of CZ Jewellery are located in India in states like, Mumbai, Kolkata & Rajasthan. At Manek Ratna we sell AD Jewellery which we get manufactured in Mumbai & CZ Jewelry which we get manufactured in Kolkata.

CZ Jewellery Exporters

Manek Ratna is Manufacturers , Wholesalers & Exporters of CZ Stone Jewelry / American Diamond jewelry . CZ Jewellery is exported majorly to all countries which includes United States (USA) , United Kingdom (UK) , Singapore , Dubai , Malaysia, Nigeria , Srilanka , Switzerland , Germany , Canada , Australia and many more.

CZ Jewellery Online

At #ManekRatna we manufacture a wide range of CZ jewellery / AD Jewelry which includes the following collection : Cubic Zirconia - CZ Earrings , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Necklace Sets, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Finger Rings, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Bangles , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Pendant Sets , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Maang Tikka , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Bracelets / CZ Kada, Cubic Zirconia - CZ Nath , Cubic Zirconia - CZ Hipbelt,

CZ Jewellery Collections

At #ManekRatna we manufacture a wide range of CZ Jewelry / AD Jewelry which incldes the following collection : Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Earrings , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Necklace Sets , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Finger Rings, Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Bangles , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Pendant Sets , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Maang Tikka , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Bracelets / CZ Kada , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Nath , Cubic Zirconia -  CZ Hipbelt