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Artificial Earrings Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Exporters in India, Mumbai for Girls & Women

Have you ever thought how many times you have worn the same artificial earrings that you have? If you are using it for a long time and thinking about a change then this post has everything you need to know about it. As here we are going to have a look at different types of Earrings for Girls from which you can pick up the most appropriate looking earrings for yourself. Not only that, we will also discuss Earrings For Women & about every type of earring, that will help you figure out what type of earrings you should use.

Earrings for Girls & Women’s complements their apparels / costumes. Traditional Earrings in India has always had a history with the Queens in ancient India.

The medieval history has given concepts to Indian Traditional Jewelry and these were always made by hand manufacturers in India. At Manek Ratna we follow the same tradition of Manufacturing & then Exporting & Wholesaling in Global Markets & India.

The Concept of Jewelry in India is finely tuned with Indian History which goes as follows:

Kundan Earrings for Girls & Women’s

The Traditional Kundan Jewelry Manufacturers were always based In Rajasthan / Marwar and is always the Epitome of all Rajasthani Queens, it all began in the Era before India was invaded.

Polki Earrings Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Polki Jewelry concept started in India when Mughals invaded India in the 18th Century, Polki Earrings has always complemented the MughaStyle attire, Polki Stones are Transparent yellow / LCT Stones Champange Colour.

American Diamond / CZ Earrings Exporters / Resellers

In this 18-19th Century when British rules India, they got the western concept of Diamond / CZ Jewelry in India. This concpet of jewelry in india was completely new and has always been influenced by the western culture, but yes CZ Jewelry Manufacturers & Wholesalers have increased see a rise in demand for CZ Jewelry. 

Antique Earrings Exporters / Resellers

After the freedom in India in 1947, India has seen a rising demand in Jewelry year on year basis. Antique Jewelry is one concpet which is loved across all regions in India & Espcially all Antique Earrings with a Gold touch are loved by all Girls / Womens.

Temple / Kemp Stone Earrings Manufacturers / Wholesalers & Exporters

This concept of Temple Jewelry & Earrings has been loved by the Southern Region in India which is one of the huge Market of Artificial Jewelry in India. Temple Jewelry typically has intricate designs with Laxmi & Kempu Stones and has always been a tradition for all South Indian Womens / Girls.

We deal in all type of women earrings like traditional earrings, party wear earrings, office wear earrings, bridal earrings , kundan earrings , Bollywood Earrings ,CZ Earrigs , American Diamond Earrings, Temple Jewellery Earrings , Kemp Jhumka Earrings , Antique Jewellery Earrings, Long Earrings Online, Small Earrings for Girls, Gold Earrings for Girls, Stud Earrings, Meenakari / Enamel Earrings.

These days Earrings for Girls Online on Amazon / Myntra/ Flipkart is the most trending concept & Manek Ratna has been a pioneer to supply Quality / Budget friendly earrings to Companies which sells on all these market places.

Types of Earrings Every Girl & Women Should Know About

Let us have a look at some of the most popular types of earrings for girls & women that you can use with a number of outfits and occasions.

Stud Earrings for Girls

Over here we are going to tell you about the first type which are available in size Small Earrings for Women and gold colour and if you are a fan of wearing small sized earrings then you are going to fall in love with this one. The overall design of these earrings are very simple, as you might have noticed that there are some earrings options that come with a complicated design and sometimes we are unable to figure out how to even use them. But this is not the case with stud earrings as it's a simple design and two-piece model that you can directly use by placing the hook in your ears. One thing that we loved about this option is that it has diamonds along with its gold finish and these diamonds are becoming an add-on for its impressive looks. In case if you are trying to find some good, reliable and strong earrings then this is the best option for you, and the price of this stud Gold Earrings for Girls are affordable for people with a tight budget. You would be able to wear these stud type earrings with almost every kind of outfit such as blazers, tees, gym wears and many more. But if you want to give the best look then try traditional clothes.

Drop Earrings For Matured Women's

You all must have already got what kind of earrings for girls they are going to be as the name suggests drop. So they have two main section first is the top while second one is the below connected section. You would be able to notice that the top section is having the ear hook and the drop section is connected to it via a small gold ring. There are no diamonds or other such elements in these earrings and if you are trying to find simple looking earrings that can be suited with almost every type of outfit then drop earrings are the best option for you. Although there are no limitations regarding the styles of drop earrings you would be able to find plenty of designs Earrings for Girls Online and can pick up the most appropriate kind of drop earring for you. In case if you are trying to find drop Artificial Earrings for Girls with an integration of diamonds then you would be able to get that. These are a type of lightweight earrings so you would be able to wear them during any party or anywhere else as they won’t be a disturbing factor for you during the event.

Long Dangle Earrings for Stylish Women's

Here we have our third option from this list which is dangle style Long Earrings for Girls & Women. These are also a kind of drop earrings, but these are longer than them; hence that’s why they are called long dangle earrings. You would be able to get plenty of designs with these earrings, and mostly, they are available in gold color. If you have an occasion where you are wearing a gown or other such outfits, then you should wear long dangle earrings, as they will look the best in such an outfit.

Hoop Earrings for College Girls

These are one of the most common types of earrings, and the overall design of these earrings are like they contain a hoop or circle-shaped ring, and at the bottom of that, you would be able to find different kinds of designs. Hence at the top, you will get the ear hook lock with the help of which you can connect them with your ears. One of the best things about hoop Artificial Earrings for Girls is that you would be able to wear them with almost everything and at any occasion. No matter if you are wearing a party dress or traditional clothes, they will match them efficiently.

J-Hoop Earrings for Teenagers

The next option from the list of best earrings for girls are J-Hoop Earrings, they are a type of hoop earrings just the size of a J. The hoop earrings are in circle shape while the J-Hoop Earrings for Girls are made in J shape, and they look so great. You would be able to find such earrings made up of gold, pearl, and other such modern materials. If you are someone who wears Jumpsuits and Maxi dresses, then you should surely buy these earrings. They are going to look great on you in such outfits.

Huggie Earrings for Baby Girls

If you are trying to find a type of earrings you can wear for any occasion and can even sleep while wearing those earrings, then huggie Earrings for Women Online are the best available option for you. They come in a minimal kind of design, and you will find no additions of diamond and other such stuff on it because of which you would be able to use it efficiently while sleeping too. If you wear crop tops, skirts, and other such outfits, then huggie earrings will suit you the best. You can buy our Artificial Earnings for Girls on Amazon. The amazon exporters will make sure it will reach safely. But if you are planning to buy Manekratna manufacturers various design Artificial Earrings for girls in bulk to sell in your shop, then you can contact the wholesalers their will suppliers ensure that your earnings will reach on time and safely