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Kundan Jewelry High Gold Polis...
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mehandi polish full stone beads heavy bollywood chokar polki necklace set
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triple paan layer style polki necklace detail
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Polki Jewellery: A Timeless Jewellery for Women

Introduction:- Polki Jewellery is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. Suitable for every single bride out there. There is no denying that it is beautiful and desirable and one of the sought-after jewelry pieces for Indian weddings. But there is also one truth that we can't ignore and that is that Polki Jewellery Prices are sky high and almost unaffordable for middle-class families.

Are you going to let this bitter truth stop you from acquiring your favorite Polki Jewellery? The answer is 'No' Manek Ratna's Artificial Polki Jewellery Online Shopping in India is going to help you fulfill your dream. Before we continue let us give you some important information about this jewelry. 

What is Polki jewelry?

It is said that Polki is an uncut rough diamond that is utilized to produce one of the most glamorous Polki jewelry for brides. Only a polki diamond specialist is allowed to prepare Polki jewellery.

Why You Can Count on Manek Ratna Service to Provide the Best Polki Jewellery? 

Polki Jewellery is a timeless piece even when they are artificial. We don't let any unprofessional people work on them. Sure Manek Ratna is a Polki Jewellery Manufacturers Online store but that does not mean we are unreliable and our Polki Jewellery is damaged goods. It is never our intention to lure customers on the fallacy we exhibit and represent what we are for transparency purposes. So that our customers can count on us to provide the best. Here are some of our best timeless pieces of Polki Jewellery Designs and bridal Polki Jewellery Set that you must check out before making your final decision.

Polki Jewellery Designs Available at Manek Ratna

Choker style Polki Kundan Jewellery necklace there are no words to describe this beautiful designer necklace. Embedded with Polki white and green diamonds. Green beads hanging at the end of this necklace give it a royal look. This entire Polki Necklace Set arrives with dangling earrings and Maang Tikka. Manek Ratna Polki Necklace Price points are competitive, thats why we are one of the finest Polki Jewellery Wholesalers globally. Which gives us the power to deliver reasonable and long-lasting jewelry pieces. 

Best Polki Jadau Pieces to Pick Out From Our Website

Now let's move on to our favorite Polki Jadau Jewellery necklace set. In an antique Polki jewelry choker on the top, there are flowers embedded with white stones and the ruby green dangling beads at the end of this necklace give it a wholesome look. It comes with a maang tikka and an extended pair of earrings with a chain attached to them so that you can secure them to your hair. It holds some truth that modern women might or might not be into necklaces. 

Polki Earrings Designs Available at Manek Ratna

But we love earrings and wear them every day. Our party or even day-to-day look is not complete without a good pair of earrings. Manek Ratna Polki Jewellery Earrings are worth looking into and let me tell you they won't disappoint you. Because we have Polki Jewellery Artificial earrings crafted based on every woman's requirement in this world. 

For working women, Manek Ratna crafted Square Design Full Stone Studded Black Rhodium earrings. Simple, professional, and elegant it stands up to your expectations and it goes well with both traditional and modern outfits. A perfect gift for your wife or even your mother Pearl black rhodium Polki heavy jhumka. This is a perfect pair for them to wear to every function. The chain which comes attached to these Jhumka's will secure them to your hair so your ears don't bear all the heavy weight. 

Matching Pair of Polki Earrings & Maang Tikka

We are not only selling Polki Jewellery earrings solely. If you don't need the necklace but want the matching pair of Maang Tikka and Earrings then worry not Chand Shape Styled Polki Maang Tikka and Earrings Set, Chand Shape Lotus Polki Maang Tikka Earrings, Polki Full Stone Mehendi Polish Earrings, and Maang Tikka will stand up to your expectations. 

What Makes Manek Ratna Unique Compared to Other Polki Jewellery Online India's Wholesalers?

Manek Ratna a Polki Jewellery Online India's wholesaler tries to meet their client's every condition and requirement. We understand that artificial jewelry stores can't only sell necklaces and earrings because we know your local customers have various needs when it comes down to jewelry. 

What Type of Polki Jewellery is Available at Manek Ratna? 

We have a variety of Polki Jewellery collections that you can order from us at wholesale market rate. Here are some of the following Polki Jewellery Collection:-  Polki Jewellery Earrings, Polki Jewellery Necklace Sets, Polki Jewellery Bangles, Polki Jewellery Nath, Polki Jewellery Payal, Polki Jewellery Haath Paan, Polki Jewellery Pendant Sets, Polki Jewellery Finger Rings, Polki Maang Tikka, and many more items that jewelry shops seller requires inside their store. 

Once you explore our website you will get a glimpse into what exactly we are offering and how affordable they are for a local shopkeeper who started their store on a tight budget. Manek Ratna can help you grow quickly after choosing some of our best pieces for delivery. Our exporters will gather the required information so you can get your Polki Jewellery safe and soundly delivered. 

Things that Are Considered Essential in Polki Jewellery

Many times Bollywood divas are seen rocking Polki Jewellery on different occasions. Take International star Priyanka Chopra who is seen wearing polki diamond jewellery set at her wedding reception. Janhvi Kapoor once rocked a choker-style diamond polki jewellery with a pink saree. Even Kiara Advani once paired a three-tiered polki necklace with a pastel color lehenga.

So our point is that polki jewellery is not only our Indian bride's favorite, it is something that even Bollywood celebrities prefer to wear with Indian lehengas and sarees. Now let's move on to eight essential polki jewelry that you can find at Manek Ratna and you should undoubtedly include in your polki set collection to attend weddings in the future or even wear them at a different festive occasion.

Polki Statement Earrings

If you would like to keep your overall look and outfit simple. Still, you want to draw more attention to your face, especially to your ears. Polki statement earrings are something you should go for on festive occasions or even at parties and your wedding. Chandbali statement earrings are something you should add to your jewelry collection. Our latest designer polki earrings collection is always something that can make any woman fall in love with it. Even though they can be a little bit pricer than the standard polki earring collection. Nevertheless, it is indeed worth checking out.

Polki Necklace Set Designs

A Polki necklace set can breathe life into your bridal outfit. For a bride, a wedding look will look incomplete if she is not wearing a choker or collar-designed polki necklace set that is multi-layered. To present her with a royal look. Add a long pendant-style polki diamond set to it and you will look like a queen. White, pink, yellow, green, and torque color uncut polki diamonds enhance the beauty of the necklace and match every color lehenga that the bride chooses for her special day.  

Polki Maang Tikka 

Who except for the bride is excited to look wholesome on a wedding day. Of course, the answer is any girl or woman who attends the function. To stand out in the crowd where all the ladies look gorgeous it's hard to draw attention to yourself. Not when you have a Manek Ratna polki maang tikka. We have a standard to the designer collection of maang tikka that is going to compliment the outfit that you are wearing. 

Instead of wearing a lehenga as most girls do at the wedding. Wear a good saree and a sleeveless blouse or top whatever you prefer and cabe more comfortable in it. Pair it with a multi-layer small-size choker and a matching pair of statement earrings and complete the final look with a simple yet elegant-looking maang tikka. Once you are ready nobody will be able to take their eyes off you. 

Being a star beauty at a wedding is not easy. However, if you are for Manek Ratna's stylish polki maang tikka collection. You will start getting ideas on how to dress up and keep your look simple. But still, stand out among the hundreds of guests who are there.  

Polki Kada/ Bangels 

Kadas or bangles are not something in every girl's preference. However, they are certainly trendy right now amongst married women. Who prefers to wear Kada over glass bangles any day because glass ones break easily. Whereas Kada is considered more durable. At Manek Ratna, you should check out the triple-layer stoned polki bangle and buy it to wear on special occasions. Not only are our polki bangles long-lasting but they are stone-studded beauty as well. They can easily make any women feel wholesome after wearing them.

Polki Finger Rings 

Do you fancy finger rings? Therefore you shouldn't leave our website without checking our polki stone studded designer finger rings. They undoubtedly give the royal look a whole new meaning. Just like statement earrings, polki finger rings draw attention to your fingers due to their big size. A multicolor polki stone embedded ring will go with every color and design Indian outfit.

Polki Nath/Nose Ring

How can an Indian bride look complete? Unless she is wearing a Polki Diamond studded nose ring that is available at Manek Ratna in multiple designs and colors. It enhances the beauty of the bride by purchasing our beautiful polki nose ring and seeing how it will help you look like a Rajasthani princess.

Polki Anklet/Payal

If you are looking for a perfect pair of Payal for your wife or new bride. Therefore, don't forget to check the Manek Ratna polki jewelry Payal collection. Try to do something different than your regular silver old-fashioned Payal that is available at every jewelry store. The polki unique cut stone embedded inside those anklets will give you the feeling that they are made from diamonds. Your lady will be impressed by your choice and without any doubt will love these.

Polki Kamarpatta 

Would you like to draw more attention to your waist than polki white stone stud Kamar Patta will help you to get the job done? It's more of a chain-like waist belt. Don't worry if you think it will be too much since you are already wearing too many jewelry pieces. We at Manek Ratna manufactured this waist belt to blend in with bridal outfits and help it keep everything undertone.  

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How many days it will take Manek Ratna to deliver my polki jewelry 

We usually ship our products within three to four days and based on your location it might take less than a week to reach.

What to do when my order keeps on getting delayed?

The best thing about this situation can be to reach out to our customer care service and our amazing team will try to find out what is causing the delay and will inform you with further details,

What are the return and refund policy of Manek Ratna?

If you have ordered our polki jewellery Jaipur style and end up receiving a damaged product. You can always have the option to return the product without any questions. We will return your money. 

Is it safe to wear artificial diamond polki jewellery? 

We agree that many people have an allergic reaction to certain types of metal. However, at Manek Ratna, we always utilize skin-friendly metal and artificial diamonds to manufacture the product. You can order without any doubt from us and if you have further queries reach out to our customer care services and they will answer your every question.

Is it possible for Diamond to come out from the polki jewellery?

No matter what type of jewelry you are buying. If you are not careful with jewelry it will be damaged. We give you a short guidebook on how to care for your favorite polki jewelry and keep it safe.

Polki Jewellery Make

Polki cut diamonds set in the traditional Indian way. All Polki Jewellery #ManekRatna are handcrafted art with intricate hidden details on the back.

Polki Jewellery Export

Polki Jewellery Manufactured & Supplied by #ManekRatna is export quality jewelry which is exported to all major countries from india like United States (USA) , United Kingdom (UK) , Saudi Arabia (UAE) , Singapore, Malaysia , Dubai , Canada and many more countries.

Polki Jewellery Trends

Currently Polki Jewellery is trending and has a buzz across industry from Bollywood o Hollywood. Polki Jewellery is wiidely worn in Traditional Indian Marraiges which takes place across the globe.

Polki Jewellery Online

Manek Ratna is one of the leading Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Exporters of Imitation Polki Jewellery. Fine crafted Artificial Polki Jewels is supplied via Online medium to all states & cities across india, which includes Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Chennai and many more.

Polki Jewellery Collection

Polki Jewellery Collection Includes : Polki Jewellery Earrings , Polki Jewellery Necklace Sets, Polki Jewellery Bangles, Polki Jewellery Nath , Polki Jewellery Payal , Polki Jewellery Haath Paan , Polki Jewellery Pendant Sets , Polki Jewellery Finger Rings , Polki Maang Tikka and many more.